Extract pages and split PDFs easily and quickly

With our app, you can divide your multi-page PDF document into several parts, and save the selected pages as a separate file. It’s amazingly efficient and completely free. There are no user accounts, so you don’t have to sign up for our service. Plus, our uncluttered and intuitive interface never gets flooded with irritating ads or pop-ups. You can immediately start splitting your documents as soon as you open the app.

Absolute reliability

You don’t need to waste your time installing any software, thereby exposing your device to the possible risk of being infected with a virus. Our online app operates in a browser, and our website always establishes only a secure connection.

Don’t worry about the privacy of your files. We will never have access to your PDF documents. They are processed in your browser on your computer or smartphone without ever reaching our servers. Your files will always be safe and secure with us.

Works on all platforms

Our online app is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. It will work on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. You just need to go to our website, open “Split PDF” and get started.

Select the pages you need

In the editing section, you can choose which pages will be included in the modified PDFs. After you upload your document, the app will generate previews of each page and number them for your convenience. If you don’t need a page, click on it. It will become translucent, and a gray cross will appear on it. This means that this page will no longer be included in the modified files. Click on the “Delete All” button to deselect all pages.

Divide into several parts

Our app allows you to split one multi-page document into several ones. To do this, move the cursor over the vertical dashed line between the pages and click on it. It will become solid, and a pair of scissors will appear. A small green page with a number will show you how many parts your file will be divided into.

If you changed your mind and no longer want to split your document, you need to click on the line again. It will become dashed, while the scissors and the green page will disappear.

Illustrative example

Let’s say you have a 6-page PDF document that you want to split into two separate files and delete one of the pages. You upload your document into our app. In a second, you will see small previews. You click on the dashed line after page number 3.

Your document is now split into 2 parts: the first part includes pages 1, 2, and 3; the second part contains pages 4, 5, and 6. Next, you click on the fifth page. It becomes translucent. You click on “Split PDF and Download” and download a zip file with two separate PDFs. The first document contains pages 1, 2, and 3, while the second file consists of pages 4 and 6 because you chose not to include the fifth page.

How to extract parts of a PDF document using our app:

Split PDF

Split PDF

Split PDF

All done!