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net Magazine – October 2019

net Magazine - October 2019

.net magazine is the world’s best-selling and one of the most popular magazines for web designers and developers. Every issue contains plethora of information with tutorials covering topics such as CSS, PHP, Flash, JavaScript, HTML5 and web graphics. The .net magazine is written by the world’s most respected web designers and creative design agencies. In the .net magazine you will find a lot of Interviews, features and pro tips, SEO advice, social media marketing techniques, web hosting, the cloud, mobile development and apps; plus much more.
In this issue
In this issue of net magazine you find a lot of exciting coverage.

  • Interview with content strategist David Dylan Thomas
  • Kilian Valkhof shares his tool for extracting the building blocks of a design system
  • Wes O’haire discusses under-represented communities
  • Experts share their favourite content management systems
  • Chaos Engineering 101: Tori Wieldt shares her top tips

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