Lawteller – A Legal Awareness Magazine – October 2019

Lawteller – A Legal Awareness Magazine - October 2019


Lawteller is India’s first Legal Awareness Magazine and is running successfully for over 23 years. 
The specialty of Lawteller has endeared it to its ever-increasing faithful subscribers from all walks of life. If you currently represent clients, doing business in India or handle transactions affected by Indian law, each month Lawteller delivers legal insights and news you may not want to miss.

In this issue
• Supreme Court concerned over misuse of web
• Magistrate is empowered to collect voice sample
• To limit wife’s phone calls to kin, unusual
• In case of termination, formal domestic enquiry is required
• Trial court obligated, to give reasons for imposition of sentence
• Grant of bail vide a non-reasoned order in murder case held not justified
• Provisions of CPC are guiding factors during proceedings under Arbitration Act

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